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Pearl Jewerly for Men

Manna Tahiti™ is a new concept in luxury designer jewelry - Black Tahitian South Seas cultured pearls, placed in bold sterling silver settings and in 14 Karat gold upon request. We offer cufflinks, tuxedo studs, tie bars, necklaces, chokers, rings, and bracelets that any man would look for. Designing Tahitian Black Pearl jewelry for men, therefore, overcomes the stereotype that pearl jewelry is made exclusively for women. Tahitian Black Pearls, with their deep and mysterious luster, invoke masculinity and strength making our Tahitian black pearl jewelry the perfect and unique gift for anyone in search of elegance and sophistication.

Manna Tahiti pearl jewelry was created to cater to several ethnic groups from different sexual orientation identities. Today, pearl jewelry has emerged as a fashion statement which can be worn by any group without any prejudice. So we are proud to acknowledge that our designs will not only seduce both men and women, but also will be embraced by the gay and lesbian communities.Tahitian pearls are so unique by the arrays of natural colors that they have to offer, it is no wonder why they are so popular and attractive to every market despite being heterosexual or homosexual. Our pearls are symbols of prosperity and represent an investment anyone would be blessed to keep.

All our pearls have been carefully selected from among the best Tahitian pearl farms so we can offer you the best. Cultured pearls have different variances in color, size and shape, which, in turn, make all of our jewelry unique. We guarantee your satisfaction with the quality of Manna Tahiti™ jewelry. © We use the best 925 sterling silver and high quality Tahitian black pearls to craft each jewelry design we offer in our jewelry online catalog. Our black Tahitian pearls are also available in 14K white gold and platinum pearl jewelry settings upon request.

In ancient Tahiti, the King or Chief Warrior adorned himself with black pearls. These cherished gems symbolized virility, empowerment and privilege. Only those of noble birth or character could avail themselves to their beauty and status.Like the Tahitian chiefs and warriors, a man comes to a point where he wants to be recognized and respected, to evidence his stature in life by what he wears and how he adorns himself. Manna Tahiti is created for that man - the contemporary man, who welcomes innovation and timeless elegance.

Manna Tahiti one of the kind pieces - black Tahitian pearls mounted in high quality sterling silver settings - express without a doubt a feeling of exclusivity and luxury that will be passed on for generations.2005 Manna-Tahiti Pearl Co.



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