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Manna Tahiti™ Black Pearl Jewelry Awards

Manna Tahiti™ black pearl jewelry for men have been nominated for the 2005 and 2006 international Saul Bell Design Awards for innovative and original jewelry designs.Check the links below to view our nominations.


2005 Saul Bell Design Award: Finalist in the Beads Category


2006 Saul Bell Design Award: Finalist in the Silver Category



Manna Tahiti™ Tahitian Black Pearl Jewelry Testimonials

Read what our clients are writing about their experiences with Manna Tahiti™ black Tahitian pearl jewelry.


  1. Purchase history: Bamboo Rhodium Plating ring and Bamboo Pendant
    Quoting “Baron” Jay Michael Strong:

    Hello, I would appreciate the size ten rhodium plated ring. I am handicapped with arthritis and 10 is big enough. I used to wear 9one/half but due to calcification 10 is fine. Thank you. I have gotten so many compliments on my pendant and folks are asking where to buy it. So you may be getting more orders from western pals. Jay.


  2. Purchase history: Heiva Signature cup choker with matching Heiva signature cup bracelet
    Quoting Loic Bryan:

    I GOT IT!!!!!!!!! IT IS AMAZING! I am all smiles. As i parked the car and stepped out the FedEx guy showed up, talk about good timing! YOU guys are awesome. My mom was inquiring about earrings once she saw the choker and bracelet....hmm might get them for her birthday 14 feb. Thank you soo much...i can't stop smiling. Thank you, thank you and thank you once again :).


  3. Purchase history: Bamboo cufflinks
    Quoting Katie Kemmann:

    Stanley, Please go ahead with the Bamboo style cufflinks. I really appreciate the time and effort you have made to make sure I am happy with my purchase. Your attention to your customers is excellent and I will be sure to shop Manna Tahiti for any future purchases! The black pearls mean alot to my husband and I as we visited Tahiti, Moorea, and Bora Bora for our honeymoon 3 1/2 years ago. It was one of the best times of our lives and the pearls are a special reminder of the beautiful islands. Thank you again,Katie Kemmann


  4. Purchase history: Bamboo cufflinks
    Quoting Gita Carter:

    Stanley, The cufflinks are beautiful! They are a gift and haven't been given yet, so let's hope he likes them. Gita Carter


  5. Purchase history: "Nui" Signature Cufflinks
    Quoting Jeri Beard:

    I "googled" Men's Pearl Jewelry. Many sites came up, but most of their jewelry were pearl necklaces or bracelets on leather straps or Mother of Pearl jewelry or very tacky items. Your site showed extremely beautiful, masculine items that had a quality look and elegance. Of all the sites I looked at, your site was by far the best? Anyway, thanks again! It's been great doing business with you. I surely will recommend your business to all my friends!


  6. Purchase history: Leather Choker
    Quoting Anissa Hashem:

    Hello! I have received the shipment and it's very beautiful. Thank you for following up!


  7. Purchase history: Bamboo Ring
    Quoting Dr. Alan D. Lytle:

    I have received the ring, and it's just what was promised. It's great!


  8. Purchase history: Bamboo Ring
    Quoting Gary Maeshiro:

    Stanley ... I wore my ring for the first time today and enjoyed it very much I did get a very nice compliment and look forward to wearing and enjoying it more often - something really different and I can't wait to wear the matching pendant with the ring ... just thought I would update you on how I am starting to enjoy the ring ... thank you, Gary


  9. Purchase history: Bamboo Pendant
    Quoting Gary Maeshiro:

    Stanley ... I received the pendant today ... wow ... it is such a beautiful pendant ... I can't wait to wear it ... it truly compliments the ring ... all I can say is wow! Thank you again for all of your involvement with my orders ... much appreciated ...


  10. Purchase history: Bamboo Pendant and Ring
    Quoting Gary Maeshiro:

    How are you? Just thought I would let you know that I wore the pendant and ring to dinner last week Friday and I received two compliments on the pendant and the ring ... today, I wore my Manna Tahiti items and again received a very nice compliment - this person was so attracted to the pendant that he walked over to take a closer look at it and told me it was so striking, he could see it from a mile away and came by to take a closer look - I have all kinds of different jewelry but I am now convinced that the Manna Tahiti Men's black pearl jewelry in truly unique and people will actually come up to me and share their comments and really take a closer look - I tell them to go to Manna Tahiti online so I hope they do visit your website ... I am so pleased with these two pieces and just had to take a few minutes to share this with you.


  11. Purchase history: Bamboo Ring
    Quoting Frank Ward:

    Stanley, I hope the size 9 return shipped via Fed Ex has been received in acceptable fashion. The replacement size 10 was received and I can gladly report yet gain my expectation was exceeded. The ring is unlike anything I own and well worth the weight. Thank you again for such excellent customer service. My very best wishes to you for a safe, happy, and prosperous new year. Frank Ward


  12. Purchase history: Two Bamboo Rhodium Plating rings
    Quoting Robert Roszak:

    Dear Alexandra and Stanley, First of all, both rings arrived on the same truck yesterday morning, Tuesday July 5th. Thank you for the quick and terrific shipping methods. I am so pleased that they arrived prior to our flight date. Secondly, the rings are simply beautiful. The picture does not show all their true detail. They are exceptional pieces. Stanley, a super terrific job! Thank you so very, very much. I will tell all where I acquired the rings. I still have an interest in the matching bracelet. And in the mailer from California, I saw a dramatic picture of the coordinating necklace, another thing to think about. Gratefully, Bob


  13. Purchase history: "Bamboo Pendant"
    Quoting Ann and El Assad:

    Thank you much for your constant support.. I got the pendant which is really beautiful. A big thank you to you. Warm regards, Ann


  14. Purchase history: "Bamboo Tie Bar "
    Quoting Roselyn Shortridge :

    The Tie Bar arrived this morning, it looks perfect! Thank you so much, it arrived just in time for our party tonight. Thank you so much for everything, your customer service has been fantastic!


  15. Purchase history: "ITI Signature Cufflinks "
    Quoting Karen Poynor :

    In answer to your question, I found your company on the web through Google using the search parameter'Tahitian Pearl Cufflinks'. Many companies came up and i think yours was on about page 4. I systematically went through each of the wesite ang when I came to yours I was encouraged to purchase from you because your website was so professional and stylish than any of the others and I hope this will be reflected on your products. I also liked the piece from your MD.For me it added a personal touch and indicated that you care about quality and about your customers. When you are purchasing items via the internet and have no prior knowledge about the company, how that company comes across through its website is paramount. For me, this was why I decided to purchase from your company. I hope I am right!!!


  16. Purchase history: "ITI Signature Cufflinks "
    Quoting Karen Poynor :

    The cufflinks have arrived in perfect order. Thank you, I am very happy with my purchase.


  17. Purchase history: "HEIVA Signature Cup Choker "
    Quoting Michelle Shaw:

    Good Aftenoon... I woul like to say a big THANK YOU, the choker arrived in time fro Christmas and my husband LOVES it, has not taken it off for two days. Hope you enjoy the festivities! Best Wishes. Michelle Shaw.


  18. Purchase history: "HEIVA Earrings Natural Sterling Silver"
    Quoting Lloyd Rook :

    Thank you very for my order and the excellent customer service! The earrings are amazing


  19. Purchase history: "Leather Choker (Black) "
    Quoting Tracey Sailor:

    Alexandra, I did receive yesterday morning, so timing is good! I think it is just beautiful and very unique(and hoping my husband like as much!). Thank you very much. Best Regards, Tracey


  20. Purchase history: "Bamboo Ring (Argentium) "
    Quoting Kaz Walters:

    Thank you very much! I love my ring! I'm very satisfied with your product and service. I've wanted a Tahitian pearl ring for some time, but finding pearl jewelry for men was next to impossible! I love your products and hope to purchase more in the future.







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