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Manna Tahiti
unisex black tahitian pearl earrings  
Circulo Earrings
Circulo Earrings
Circulo Earrings
unisex black tahitian pearl earrings

Pearl size: 8 mm
Pearl quality: B
Pearl shape: Round

Available in two finishes:
• 14 K White Gold
• Natural Sterling Silver
14 K White Gold: $1,000
Natural Sterling Silver: $250

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gift box
Gift Box

Certificate of Authenticity

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Black Tahitian Pearl Earrings Circulo, Unisex Jewelry Collection, Manna Tahiti™ Pearl

Our Unisex Circulo Earrings is specially crafted to look both delicate on the ladies, yet strong on men. Every pair is handcrafted with matching gorgeous Black Tahitian Pearls of 8mm size and genuine .925 sterling silver in that graded, Asian effect. The mounting on which the black Tahitian cultured pearls are placed is of high quality sterling silver/white gold (upon request) with the Manna Tahiti logo as the official signature. The piercing snaps into place comfortably and firmly.

Every pair of Circulo Earrings are not meant to be for one gender alone -- the brilliance of design is meant for more of a unisex approach. Every matching pearl earrings comes with a complementary gift box. 2005 Manna-Tahiti Pearl Co.