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Manna Tahiti
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Fara Necklace
multi colored tahitian pearl clasp

"Fara" Leather Necklace

Our beautiful Fara leather cord necklace joins together genuine leather and three of our finest pearls to create a beautiful piece of art. Even if this necklace is more casual than our usual pieces, it will still be pleasing to the obvious class. The pearls used are South Seas cultured pearls with a combination of black, white and pink colors. Pure sterling silver cups hold the pearls in place and a silver clasp securely holds together the entire necklace. This piece elongates a woman's neck with a long, unconstrained spirit.



Pearl size: 10mm(3)
Pearl quality: B
Pearl shape: Round
Pearl color: White(1), Pink(1), Black(1)
Necklace size: 14 inches long
Set in 925 sterling silver
Brown Genuine Leather Cord

Gold - available upon request Platinum - available upon request

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South Seas Pearl Leather necklace, Women Jewelry Collection, Manna Tahiti™ Pearl

Our Fara leather cord necklace is designed for women and ladies. We use genuine South Seas cultured pearls with colors ranging from black,pink and white. Our leather cord jewelery uses only pure sterling silver cups to hold the pearls with a sterling silver clasp to secure the entire necklace. 2005 Manna-Tahiti Pearl Co.