Manna Tahiti pearl jewelry was created for many purposes. In the beginning, our goal was to sell sophisticated and unique pearl jewelry that men could not find anywhere else. After we'd achieved this goal, we realized that our jewelry could also be worn with the same splendor by women, discovering a new way to showcase the elegance of our jewelry. The natural composure a woman exhibits could be further enhanced by our Manna Tahiti pearl jewelry and that is why we’ve recently started a new Women’s line.

When going over our jewelry once more, we thought it was time we specified a few things. So finally, we decided to openly cater to all homosexual and lesbian communities by announcing a new unisex line, not only because we honestly and candidly support it, but also because the simplicity of our designs matches every entity and we thought we should probably let people know.

So without further ado, enjoy the site! Feel free to contact us about anything.

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