January 19, 2012

Pearls: Not Just For Ladies Anymore

This blog from GBL Pride Jewelry explains just why she prefers Manna Tahiti when contemplating the new concept of pearl jewelry for men.

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mens tahitian pearl jewelry

Bamboo Bracelet

There’s something I find very alluring about Tahitian Pearls – and I’m obviously not the only one. This brand of pearls is extremely popular, especially over the past few years, due to their black, glossy sheen, their illustrious look, and the uniqueness of the jewelry created when the pearls are set in silver or gold.

tahitian pearl leather choker

Leather Choker

Sure, you can find black pearls at a variety of locations, but in terms of the best-looking jewelry I’ve seen, at great prices to boot, you’d have to check out Manna Tahiti – a smaller jewelry outfit doing big things, like becoming a two-time finalist for the Saul Bell Design Award. No small feat. By far the best online stop for the most lustrous Black Tahitian South Seas cultured pearls.


A great, underrated quality of Tahitian Pearls is that they’re well suited for men or women. Diamonds and gold obviously fit this category, but emeralds, rubies, and other precious stones are really only admired and worn by women. Black pearls make up some of the most beautiful jewelry I’ve seen, and the men’s items are just as attractive as the women’s items.


tahitian pearl pendantBamboo Pendant

Manna Tahiti is probably the best place I’ve ran across while looking for this type of jewelry. They’re willing to custom make anything to suit your needs, but the truth is that their selection of unique and appealing items covers such a wide range of tastes that you probably wouldn’t want to do anything extra.

Among Manna Tahiti’s bestselling pieces, you have the bamboo bracelet, and the leather choker and bamboo pendant. Using these beautiful black pearls, this jewelry transcends gender and sexuality. The style is able to be enjoyed by anyone, and the bold, striking look of these pieces is sure to appeal to every jewelry lover.

Whether male, female, gay, straight, jewelry aficionado or just someone looking for a unique piece, Manna Tahiti pearl pieces will please everyone across the board. Exquisite black pearl jewelry at a great price – you simply can’t beat that in today’s market.

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April 18, 2004

Trends on Pearl Jewelry for Men

“How do you feel about guys wearing jewelry?

It’s cool. You know, not too many dudes like pearls a lot, but I’m campaigning for it. Pearls are the new platinum.”Andre 3000, leader singer of OutKast, interview in the Los Angeles Times Magazine, April 18, 2004 


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