We’re all accustomed to thinking of pearl jewelry as being exclusively for women but this could not be further from the truth. We have displayed a few selection of men who are not afraid to adorn themselves with pearls as a way of expression.


Who is Robert Teriitehau?
Prince of the Wind


Robert Teriitehau, Tahiti's windsurf legend, reigns as an absolute master of the open seas - the wind, the swells, the big breakers - and, through the serenity of his challenges, confirms the talent of his ancestors from the island of Ra'iatea.


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Who is Hira Teriinatoofa?
Prince of the Waves


Born in Papeete 25 years ago, Hira has been surfing ever since he could walk. This Tahitian, whose Polynesian name means "Child of the Sun and Prince of Five Directions," has his feet on the ground in selecting his totem, which is the turtle. His fellow Polynesians have made him the emblem of Tahitian surfing


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Who is Rodolphe Vinh Tung?
Prince of the Lagoon


Rodolphe spent all his childhood in Tahiti,among th southern archipelago communtiy of Fariipiti. The French champion Pierre Carmin initiated him to water-skiing; who took Rodolphe under his wing and introduced hom to wakeboarding. Known as an extreme sports, wakeboarding is part of water sports.


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Who is Mike Turai Arii Varney?
Prince of the Ocean

 His friends call him; the gladiator of the seas. This is what characterises the best junior Polynesian at dugout canoeing and kayaking, winner of the "Iato d'or Junior 2006 - French Polynesia". The best senior hope for both sports describes his technique as "high level", especially in marathon, lagoon and speed racing.


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Who is Tuterai Montaron?
Prince of the Air


He is one short position from the top 10 at the end of the 2005 season. Confident that he should reach new rank this year he is ready for the challenge. Native Bora-Bora, in the archipelago of the Island under the wind, Tuterai Montaron discovered the Kite Surfing just four years ago. Two years later Tuterai win the Polynesian championship and it was the beggining of the lifetime commitment. The Kite Surf will dictate his way of life from now on. In 2005,after eight events from the "Professional Kite Rider Association," he finish the eleventh place


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Who is Marcus Schenkenberg?

Sweden Male model and reality television star Marcus Schenkenberg.

The top model and the specialist for pearl jewellery GELLNER have newly developed the worldwide first pearl jewellery collection that can be worn by men also. Marcus Schenkenberg was significantly involved in the development of every piece of jewellery. This also applies to the precious materials as well as to the designs.


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