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Manna Tahiti

How Manna Tahiti™ Designs Are Created

Crafting the Manna Tahiti™ Pearl line, we utilized the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) technology. Combining the Asian Bamboo theme, mechanical aspects, and timeless, yet modern elegance make Manna Tahiti™ Pearl jewelry appealing to any man with a sense of style.

Our approach to designing these pieces with CAD technology allows us to bring a mechanical component into our jewelry. The result is striking in appearance and, at the same time, more ergonomic for everyday wear.

We draw the designs with a CAD program which allows us to see in-scale what the finished jewelry will look like prior to production. Click here to view a few Manna Tahiti™ CAD renderings. The resulting design becomes a CAD file, which is then entered into a three dimensional wax printer (stereo lithography: rapid prototyping technology). The 3D wax is cast into sterling silver, which becomes the master for the production mold.

All of the designs are then handmade using the "lost wax casting method:"

  • The wax is injected into the mold: wax object is taken out of the mold, cleaned, tuned, and assembled into a casting flask.
  • The flask is filled with investment (high temperature refractory). The wax is steamed out of the flask, and the flask is baked in an oven.
  • Precious metal is then poured into the flask using the latest "state of the art" controlled environment induction casting process in order to insure homogenous tight castings.

The castings go through a metal finishing process, which results in the beautiful, precious, hand-made jewelry created with the quality of craftsmanship that comes with over 30 years of affinity for the material and love of the craft.