Published on Jun 18, 2012

March of 2011 a team of four went on a journey around the world to discover the cultured pearl. The mission of this journey was to explore the pearl producing regions of the world and share the true story of these magnificent gemstones. We would meet and interview the most influential pearl farmers and their workers who maintain the delicate balance between man and nature with one common goal... producing beautiful pearls. This video will give you a look at the beauty of Tahiti and the French Polynesian, the farm workers, and the passion that drives them. This is the story of the Tahitian pearl.

Pearl farming has the potential to offer unique opportunities in terms of livelihoods and marine conservation in the Pacific region. This research project is examining how the marine cultured pearl supply chain and consumers could further support these positive environmental and socio-economic benefits and promote responsible pearl farming. We are working in collaboration with pearl farmers and other partners in Switzerland, Japan, the US and the Pacific region. This website aims to inform about different pearl types, ecological and socio-economic dimensions of pearl farming and to share resources and findings on these themes.




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Pearl culture, the black gold of French Polynesia?

By Gaëlle Courcoux, DIC

The second greatest economic resource of French Polynesia after tourism, black pearl culture has been facing a major crisis since the first decade of this century.

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 A Little Vocabulary

By: Daniel Pardon, copyright PACIFIC PROMOTION TAHITI

The evocation of pearl culture brings us to use a certain number of technical terms. It is worthwhile to learn their meanings before plunging into this universe. Here are the key words of the language of the pearl growers.(link to another page where words listed below will be saved)

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