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Manna Tahiti
men wearing black tahitian leather choker  
Leather Choker
Leather Choker
women wearing black tahitian leather choker

Pearl Size: 10mm (2), 12mm (1)
Pearl Quality: C
Pearl Shape: Round
Set in 925 sterling silver
Sterling finish only

Gold - available upon request
Platinum - available upon request

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Black Tahitian Pearl Leather Necklace, Unisex Jewelry Collection, Manna Tahiti™ Pearl

For our unisex line of Pearl Leather Chokers, we have two options: a black and a brown leather choker. Each has their own hint of manly and womanly qualities, but was originally created to be worn by any person of any class, culture, gender and sexuality. All communities -- gay, lesbian and straight -- fully embrace the easy design of our Pearl Leather choker jewelry. Each piece is made with careful design and sophistication -- our main goal with this piece is to globally inspire people of every entity.

Our pearl leather choker is mounted with two round Black Tahitian cultured pearls of 10mm and one 12mm round Black Tahitian cultured pearl as a centerpiece. The quality of the pearls is graded C. The pearls of 10mm are surrounded with .925 sterling silver cups. Made in U.S.A. 2005 Manna-Tahiti Pearl Co.